The quest was mostly to find the RS gold rockshell armor as well as divers isles. So i started out my quest by doing the drinking contest. I was thinking it was an awful pun to travel all the way to seers village to buy the drink to cheat in the contest. lol I ended up drinking kegs of beer from the bank to celebrate house celebrations.

After that, I had to do my liar part. It took me a long time to find that enchanting altar. I have to admit that lolly was very funny. The merchants trial was the next step. It was easy to complete with the help of the guide to salsquest. I found it tedious trying to find the next person. I found it interesting that gives everyone the things they want at the end.

It was tedious trying to locate the novice spirit using that talasmin in the hunter portion. The maze was easy using the sals quest guide and it was also a lot of fun. I was a bit disappointed that I had to follow the guide to sals quest boring. However, i managed to get out of his home in the end.

The fight without armour or weapons... While it was an epic battle, I have to admit that it was difficult to obtain the three forms of the man who is dead. The quest exsclusive items were finally worth it, as was the pet rock. Tell me your story.

It's obvious, I'm certain. However, the Christmas candy cane boasts reasonable offensive and defense stats. It cannot have enormous stats given its requirements. But it is currently ranked up in a handful of aspects of items that are free to play.

While it's not the greatest, the strength bonus makes it a good weapon to use in one attack. This also makes it the second best holiday weapon behind the scimitar. What does all this mean? Is jagex going to make useful gifts for the holidays? They have hinted at it, saying "To some extent I believe that we gamers and developers must accept holiday items won't always be the most used items in the games, however that doesn't necessarily mean they should not be written off as useless." (Dev Blog Holiday Event: Christmas Warble). Do you think this is something you'd like to test?

This allows new players to participate in events during the holidays. I remember when I started runescape I didn't see a need to attend the easter celebration, because since the ring was ineffective, and all the good training spots were virtually empty. I would have buy OSRS gold attended had I known eggs could be beneficial. It was a shame that I didn’t because the egg ring is among my favourite rewards.