Mod MMG: That's the same thing you said OSRS gold about Thirdscape. We are actually working on an entirely new game mechanic. I cannot give away too much, however, it could be an entire game, or just one skill. Or both. It will be members and for free. But, it's expected to be this year. It's an exciting feat and nobody has ever done it before so I won't give it away.

"Basically this was to be our 2010 game We had plans to create another -- however, we decided that this would tie perfectly to "RuneScape". The community would be thrilled, so let's add it to the game.

These are my questions: What are your plans currently in this regard? It's still on the right track and looked really enjoyable when I saw it last time. When will we see this? It will be soon. We'll be informed of it as soon as it occurs. I'm sure you won't be able to be able to miss it. Mod MMG: Yes, the new game mechanic and skill will be F2P.

I'm not able to say what's the new skill is either expect that it's not sailing.
Fourth, it's completely different from existing skills and popular trends. Nobody has ever done it before.

Evidence (RSOF QF 13-14-745-60279545 (Mod MMG Q&A) It's likely that no one has come close so far as to guessing the new technique, but that's probably because it's never been done before. (About ThirdScape). It's an exciting task and no one has done so we are keeping it secret. Specific Assumptions - Extrapolating from the existing knowledge that may not pertain to the new skill

The first is that Jagex's trademarks Never Ending and Infinite Dungeon (or Dungeon Master) are thought to be related to this new ability. Evidence suggests that the trademarks for the two games were filed in March 2009 (source), prior to the announcement of ThirdScape's Dungeon Master (source) prior to ThirdScape's announcement in May 2009. (source). Mod Korpz was questioned whether the two games were connected to FunOrb. He replied "Not according to our understanding, and in actual I don't understand why these trademarks are registered."

My account being suspended was a blessing from God. I have a happy college life as I am now in my third year. I go to church on sundays and enjoy time with my family. I was planning to blow up the head quarters of the company that makes this game, but I don't think that cheap RS gold voilence will solve this. In addition, runescape isn't the only game taking over people's lives.