So I finally got someone to inform me of the reason I got exiled. BEWARE folks, running SteelRake and completing the aion classic kinah buying HairPin quest will result in getting banned if you do it in several times. That's what I did with all the others part of the LFG group I was in. The plan was to get rid of mobs, then collect the 12 hairpins, and then proceed to the Shugo, and turn in our quest. Following that we'd return to Steel Rake and continue in the same manner. This is exactly what I as well as most people would do when the game was first released. Wasn't aware that this was an exploit?! I've responded to them , asking if this was an exploit or an error on their end. To me, this isn't an exploit and is it by design? If so, take care in the event that you're involved with the hairpin quest.

While Aion Classic has a bigger player base, it's still quite a distant given how Aion retail is. There were only six players at one point last when I looked. Aion Classic is part of the combat patch , which has been widely hailed or even acknowledged by everyone as being the best or the best, in part because of being an animation-oriented combat system, and also because the potential for the creeping of certain class identities hasn't yet occurred. Aion Classic does have 1 hour of free play, which isn't too much, however it means it is still possible to play a bit if you must pause your sub (and If you have to stop your sub , that probably means you're too busy to have a long duration of time).
Are there any differences in gameplay, graphics or player base? I've played just one character to level 8 on the f2p version and before continuing, I'd like to know if it's worth to keep on playing this game or if Classic the better choice? Perhaps the pros and pros and cons of each? It would be incredible!

It's truly amazing how quickly the game has fallen apart. I decided to play Siel Asmodian because it was going to be the most populated and strongest faction. I had the most enchanted plat gear and was done with my 30e armor and accessories by week 3. If it's peak hours but I'm not able to locate any Elyos in the Abyss. I searched for 50s in the abyss and we had 44 Asmodians with 11 Elyos that were level 50s in the Reshanta. I've been using radar hacks to identify the two or three Elyos within the Abyss over and over. I am about to quit on how boring this sport is. Dredgion will not come fast enough.

Wow! Everything you've written today is the reason that aion Classic is so terrible. This is because of players like those who want to win and do not enjoy the content or rifting, who spend 3000$ to acquire Kinnah and have no remorse in cheating.

The player who did this, as well as all players who did the same is the reason EVERYONE is leaving the game. There is no interest to play a pvp tournament where players throw 2 month's pay into buy aion classic kinah a game in order to be ahead, only for OS to ruin everyone else in the experience, and the majority of us were very excited about the idea of doing blue shulack PVP, and the addition of coins and an enchant stone have already messed up the grind. and curved. However, wow!