A higher ping will give you the capability to RS gold "click" more quickly than someone else with a better response time. This can be the difference maker when battling for iron mining for example since most people will hit the rock one-time, but those with a higher response time and ping will get the ore.

The higher the speed, I can see the unfairness against someone with an Internet connection that isn't as good as another person's. Though one huge factor to consider is geographical location. Your communication will be more efficient if you're closer to the site.

You can generally improve the efficiency of your internet connection by reducing the traffic flow to your computer. This typically involves shutting down any programs that are consuming bandwidth or computer power (processors, RAM, etc). Computer power increases frame rate, which leads to quicker actions for you.

What they're probably using is similar to "unlagged Quake3", it basically reduces the reaction time by a factor of the rest of the players in a synchronized fashion, without you noticing any differences at all. This is how I felt. I'm not sure how it works.

Work for skill tutors to eliminate the money-making aspect of Lumbridge Jagex's latest shift to Lumbridge has me a bit upset. Jagex felt Lumbridge was becoming too crowded, so he got rid of the skills tutors. In truth, Lumbridge was never too busy before! Lumbridge is now pretty empty.

One of the most effective answers to the annoying "Can you get 5k please?" "Need 5k” beggars we see constantly at Grand Exchange was, "No. Instead, go work as an Lumbridge skilled tutor. Additionally, Runescape doesn't require 5k. You want 5k. This is a totally different story.

A note from me personally. I liked the trainers for skills. Jagex could have included the brand new Runescape Advisor feature without removing the Lumbridge tutors... if people like learning things by themselves instead of going to a tutor, then more power to them - it didn't mean that the Lumbridge tutors shouldn't be eliminated for the buy OSRS gold players who did wish to utilize them.