Why does Tommy not have any options with Mut 21 coins me regardless of the dialogue. How the hell did we get into the College Playoffs when the Head Coach chairs the guy that's averaging +6 TD's a match over the one who's clinging to life by a ribbon and has been playing WR in his system that the previous two years? I just doesn't adapt to the way your playing and the game has already decided what the outcome will be until you reach the league.

The parties got old the first time they had been introduced '09... kinda amazed they brought them back and tried to pass them off as new. This is going to be the first year since it came out that I won't be buying it. Every year it is the exact same thing"it's got to be much better" but it never is. I know I will miss it, especially playing online, but if enough people do this they might have to change. I sort of do expect next gen Madden is constructed from scratch now. I don't believe that they are able to do anymore using the programming they've flopped on in Madden now. The base seems to be the problem (outside of simply total incompetence out of execs focusing on non-sim soccer ). 

Now, I am willing to take a bare bones M21 on next gen when they could actually build up to proper gameplay and naturally make franchise what it should be. I am not buying Madden this year. Hell, I'm not even playing M20, I have return to M17. So it isn't a problem for me to not buy the game until real change happens. It's too bad you had to invest even $5 with this mess. Thanks for your review however. It's gonna be rough passing on Madden because it is one of my favourite days of the year, but that helps my decision to provide EA two wagging middle fingers this season.

They push MUT so difficult to earn money and I swear they just get the couple people who spend stupid sum of money on it every year and think it's a fantastic idea. Those people are idiots. It's so fucking sad to find out what this game is haha. I had some fun with The Yard last night but meh. Yo my biggest take away is how did they make the super bowl celebration even worse compared to last year. Phew! I'm so happy I didn't buy this garbage. Can't wait for 2Ks match in 2021. EA has other suckers though that are cash cows for them annually. Well explained. Just a re-texture task while they wait for following gen. Which will also probably be dreadful. The gameplay is no different in any noticeable way. Elite pro athletes moving as though they are in quicksand is a powerful lol.

Man I was attempting to get into a soccer match again after literally 12 decades or so of not playing. I grew up playing Madden with my step father a day.nd even learned to adore franchise mode (even if its something I didnt completely understand as a child). I saw all of the complaints and folks getting mad but I figured I would give it a private shot since ive been out of cheap Madden 21 coins this football game world for so long. .