Brady agreed to a two-year contract with Mut 22 coins the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March 2020. In February, the 43-year-old quarterback defeated Mahomes (25), and the Chiefs to claim his seventh Super Bowl title.

In the case of Edelman the 35-year-old wide receiver finally hung up his cleats in April following 12 seasons. Edelman's friend Brady has been a longtime supporter. Brady has praised Edelman in an Instagram post.

"On the most important stage and in the most dramatic moments, you always came through," Brady wrote. "I was there to witness so much of the journey and am so proud of you and how you grew from 7th round underdog to a more experienced 7th round underdog.

Julian Edelman jabbed former Patriots teammate Tom Brady on Thursday in the wake of his "Madden 22" cover.

"You are surrounded by teammates that admire your dedication and determination to beat the odds. I'm proud to be on the top of the list, because you were there for me when I was feeling down or buy Madden 22 coins sad. He told me, "You were tough and I loved you. You made our teams amazing.