"We are extremely eager to LoL accounts push the boundaries of entertainment and sport this year using Worlds 2021 and define the next 10 decades of LoL Esports," John Needham, Global Head of Esports for Riot Games mentioned in a statement. "Shenzhen is China's most aggressive and advanced city with tens of thousands of high-tech startups and entrepreneurial pursuits, therefore we believed that it was an ideal picture to host our Finals." Last year's finals were a scaled-back event; initially scheduled to take place across several cities in China, it was confined to Shanghai, with players at a quarantine bubble. South Korea's DAMWON Gambling won the Summoner's Cup at 2020.

Details about the first rounds of the tournament are still to come, Riot Games said in its announcement.

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League of Legends patch 11.10 has set sail for live servers, LoL lovers, so it is time to see what Riot Games is cooking for its flagship MOBA game next. League of Legends patch 11.11 has begun falling onto the PBE, giving us an idea about what is to come soon -- which includes seven new Job skins, a new month-long in-game event, balance changes, and much more. Let's have a gander, shall we?

To start, we've of course got the Job: Bastion event that Riot just declared, which means the return of quick-fire game style Nexus Blitz, an event pass offering new borders, loot, icons, and emotes-- and -- of course -- these skins. The lucky winners joining the Project universe this patch are Mordekaiser, Renekton, Sejuani, Senna, Varus, and Sylas -- together with cheap LoL smurf accounts the latter also obtaining a prestige edition. You can check these out in the skins section from the notes below.