Just a heads up, Madden has long regressed from its glory days, by Madden nfl 21 coins stripping the Franchise mode, to becoming so reliant on animations that you lose virtually all consumer control, predictable gameplay (because of the animations) to the arcade kind X-Factors now in the sport, there are 3 reasons Madden NFL 20 was free for you: 1 ). The sport is the worst in the franchise's history (based on client feedback) and 3. Its crazy to think that Madden 25, the Madden on second gen, is among, if not the best Maddens of the era that is XB1/PS4. The graphics are amazing though.

Downfield blocking doesnt exist, every move that is tipped is always intercepted but never caught by ur own receiver (in All-Madden). AI pursuit is terrible, the franchise AI is just as bad, you'll have teams using 4 80 ovr qbs every making 10M+. Animations dont blend well at all, and on most plays you'll be stuck in a uncontrollable cartoon, such as the interception over the WR cartoon where u cant restrain the WR to try and jump, it will just enter the CB/S's hands over ur back.

But if ur dont and a casual gamer devote a lot of time to playin this match, the defects are managable. I've noticed a lot of what you mentioned. When I was able to play madden I got into it and used every attribute. I'm playing today because my father is an even bigger football fan than me and we were just playing the golf club Madden 2019 but it was broken we couldnt play anymore. And because it was liberated. I wouldnt have paid $1 for it. I would now.knowing just how much my father likes it tho. It is just a father son thing we perform for things and bonding. So that I wanted to buy Mut 21 coins make it as simple as possible, hes hadn't played with an actual video game other than golf because the 80s.