It's always alright! They're always amazed to Animal Crossing Bells see you afterwards however long for the very first dialog, then it's back to how it was before you went away.They do not get mad or threaten to leave or anything, iirc they just mention it's been x months and that they missed seeing you around or anything similar.

Nothing unpleasant. Mostly messages about not having noticed you, having missed you, or wondering how you have been. Positive feel-good stuff, like nearly everything else they say!I haven't played since June either. I played nonstop at first, but I believe June is if I got tired of the dull daily play and then just never felt motivated to pick it up again. In addition, it was pretty frustrating spending hours terrascaping my island just to have it seem like shit. Lol

Same I assess the shops and run back and assess if Redd is there and do the holiday things. I can not find the will to play it for more than that though but might get bored of other things and come back.That's exactly how I believe this match is supposed to be played, and I'm glad it is filling that need for individuals

I played it for like 350 hours within a few months making it my most played game and then one day did not feel like playing and have not touched it since. I adore so much about it but just realised just how much of my time was spent wasting doing stuff that shouldn't take as long as it does like buying tickets or visiting islands etc.. We had 4 players seeing each others islands every day to mess about and Buy Nook Miles Ticket see new stuff it would take as long just waiting for people to get there.