Tears of RS gold Guthix (Safe)

Collecting tears of this ancient God known as Guthix can improve your lowest skill level. This task can be only completed once a week. As its name states Duel Arena enables players to fight against each other. This location also has available specific rules which can be set to spice things up (like staking gold coins). It's available for both members and free to play adventurers.

Clan Wars (Safe). Enables players out of two opposing Friend Chats to fight against eachother. There are no rewards for this activity... possibly besides glory. Last Man Standing (Either Safe or Dangerous Based on the mode). From the Castle Wars area players can speak to NPC Lisa that may sign them up for LMS. This activity is essentially a battleground minigame implemented in RuneScape. Rules are pretty much exactly like in other battleground games - players are teleported to the island where they start looking for a gear and fight to remove each other. Game ends when one surviving participant is on the staircase. There is a benefit of 1.5mil for the very first place and 500k coins to get second in aggressive mode. Likewise to Clan Wars it is a team contest. Castle Wars is simply a Capture The Flag mode implemented as a minigame for RuneScape. Two groups aim to achieve enemy base and take away a flag shielded by others. As a reward winning team gets tickets used to buy several cosmetics.

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