Thanks to Blizzard's Diablo, players can save the planet from several demonic threats. Fans now understand that Diablo functions as Diablo Gold one of the triumvirate Prime Evils. Moreover, Diablo 2 had players remove the Prime Evils once and for all.

However, because D3 has indicated the absence of the Prime Evils started a power vacuum at the Burning Hells, prompting some of Hell's generals to try and conquer Sanctuary. And in Diablo 4, it appears even Lilith -- Daughter of Hatred -- has resurfaced too. Unfortunately, nothing appears to rejoice with the arrival of the mother of Nephalem. In turn, what if fans know about this enigmatic figure?

Aside from Diablo, Lilith has perhaps received some of the most fascinating design changes across the villains of the Diablo series. In her original look, Lilith's status as Andariel's mom brought her a look much like the Maiden of Anguish. The Sin War books described her as having a rather reptilian appearance.

Prior to D4, Diablo 3 and Book of Tyrael's designs of Andariel have contributed Lilith a blend of Mephisto and Andariel's features. In turn, Lilith's final design in D4 gave her scrawny webbed wings that followed the bone-like exoskeleton that wraps across her entire body. Accurate to her matron title, the last design for Lilith also sported a dark gown.

Perhaps most interesting about Lilith's origins would be her familial relationships. Additionally, outside the Prime Evil, yet another noteworthy member of Lilith's family could be buy Diablo IV Gold Lucion, the Primus of the Triune.