EA currently has approximately 7 weeks to tell us how they are going to #FixMaddenFranchise to get Madden nfl 21 coins. I really don't wish to hear small post-launch additions for M21. Make commitments for next season, now. With particulars. Good they responded. However, Madden 21 is petty much done. There won't be any significant changes due to all this. But a little expectation for next year. I'd bet money they publish the game using the same shitty model of franchise style they've announced, with a promise of adding attributes or some bullshit down the road. They're gonna observe how well it sells (spoiler: it will sell well) then do next to nothing to deliver on that promise. All this indicates is next year they will include 1 attribute they had in 2007 and rebrand it as fresh.

After they told us Franchise proved to be a leading focus from the game going forward, then literally providing us no new attributes for the mode, THEIR WORD MEANS NOTHING! They've gotta put their money where their mouth is until I even become a little optimistic. Good feat for the motion, but we aren't stopping until we get all the features we had years ago and more! #FixMaddenFranchise. They do not have time to implement anything for Madden 21. All this is....is please stop making noise and purchase our game....maybe we will do something in Madden 22. We won't. It is lip service to get the social media attack to perish, knowing it's too late in the procedure to fix it, by this time next year, they'll be able to roll out M22 without even less of a franchise mode until we are totally phased out.

I'm honestly shocked that they even reacted to this. The one thing which makes me optimistic is how they stated they would give updates on the modifications before the matches launching, I was totally expecting a"We're too near start to make any changes, but it's something we'll look at for the future". Hopefully this really gets shit done. 1 month isn't enough time to buy Madden 21 coins check things. Should they provide the franchise community some thing, expect it to be patched in during the year. I see people requesting radio shows and papers and such but if they added those, it might be adding chocolate sauce into three loaf of compost.