I watched an interview for one of Mut 21 coins the prior call of duty annualized games (like modern warfare 3 or so), and also the developers essentially said that ordinary gamers (those individuals who play halo,killzone, battlefieldalong with other shooters) do not buy call of duty games. Nearly all people who play call of duty is only going to purchase Cod and a sports match. CODX and TIgerwoods 20xx, CODX and Madden20XX, CODX and NBA2kXX, and etc.. And they will do this religiously every year. I've heard this subset referred to as Brogamers--sort of the antithesis to those that only play The Sims/Animal Crossing but in the end it's a similar spending pattern. Entirely agree with you and that interview from way back in the day (individual time is flying ). Bro have you played a Madden game lately? They're fucking terrible! Same engine as they utilized on PS3, yet the match has less features and more bugs than it did 15 decades back. It's objectively a terribly made game.

The madden criticism that surfaced has nothing to do with your comment. Its a growing group of individuals that want to play a fantastic football match, but Ea keeps selling them the same game without updating the engine. This group wants the nfl to give out multiple instances of likeness rights or sell them exclusively to another company that would hopefully create a much better game. Not surprising. This is the reason EA does not have to bother ever improving anything in most of their modes or fixing any bugs that have been there for ages. People will buy it regardless and whales will dump a lot of money into buy Madden 21 coins. 2k has similar problems and the microtransaction stuff is gross but at the very least that has good gameplay and high tier presentation and they still add a little more effort. Sports game just have a completely different demographics to matches such as Witcher 3 and CIV.