The one I will be discussing is one found in RS gold the mining guild. It contains 2 rune ore, and is available to F2P. Is this good? The price of rune will decrease from the 18k ore it was previously. What is the good or bad news? Although miners won't have to go far into the wilderness to find rune, it has lost its epicness and is almost impossible to obtain. The guild is very busy although it was once empty.

Do you think this is a good thing? It is hard to predict if rune ore prices will plummet. This is due to the fact that even though there is more rune rocks accessible to free players to mine, it isn't certain that free players will be able to use 85 or more mining to mine rune. If they're members of the mining Guild, they'll have better rune spots which can mine than the one at the Mining Guild.

There are not enough people taking advantage of the rune rock's greater availability to trigger a significant price drop. While the price might decrease by a couple of kilograms but it wouldn't be as much as a stone.

The guild was very crowded prior to the upgrade of resource dungeons. Many coal rocks and some miths have made the guild a hit for those who wish to heat up ores as mining, and this update could bring in some more players into the guild. You know what I mean. I frequently ask about account management and, honestly, I only would like one account to be wealthy and to be able to fight at a high level. Therefore, i prefer to stick with only one account.

I have one account at level 78. It's my member account. He's very weak and only has 2 mil. I've set a goal to achieve 70 skill levels on this account. However, I'm not certain. (His abilities are listed in my signature.

My second account: I've set goals of 40 attack 60 strength, 70 range & magic. This is currently the account I'm working on. My third account is all-around, however, it does have combat skills that are only 30-40 per account. However, this could be improved.

My fourth account is the skilled player. Except for the level 78, none the four members is my fourth account. My question is: Which one should I stick to and improve?

I would like to improve my level 78, however, I am not sure what I should do to earn some money. I'd be happy working on my account that is pure (the one I mentioned earlier about) however, he has to cheap OSRS gold be so much better! What can I do? What should you do?