All coal mining until 55, but same ending as 1) (seems pointless, no smithing). Fishing swordies, but tuna problem, and OSRS gold again Karamja, therefore bank isn't too near. I'd like your opinions, is your crafting worth it or something else? Hopefully somebody else has experience, thanks ahead of time.

Would you guys suggest me about going to fight Armoured Zombies to receive 99 strength,attack and defence together with my current configutation? I am attempting to perform dragon slayer on my f2p pure. I'd love to know that which quests (F2P just ) are the fastest way to get 33 quest points? Well, you should certainly do the"Romeo and Juliet" quest -- it provides you five quest points and can be really simple. Vampire Slayer also provides you three pursuit points. Goblin Diplomacy gives you five quest points, Prince Ali Rescue provides you three QP and also lets you to Al-Kharid for free.I'd love to know a few tips to lvling my melee,mage and range stats,these are my stats at the minute... I'd love to boost melee stats to 85 every single based on 85,mage into a minimum of 70 and prayer to 60. I'm F2P and I might get associates in a few weeks if I judge that training in F2P is way too slow. Also I need some moneymaking methods involving combat in P2P,do not suggest green dragons are my past few trips involved revenants ambushing me,though I will probably do the occasional 3 trips a day . Also my slayer lvl is only 40.

Background information. Combat Level: 101. Other stats: 35 runecrafting, 46 crafting, 54 woodcutting, 55 firemaking, 60 smithing, 76 fishing, and 79 cooking. Budget: 7m cash. Stats I might train: Slayer, Construction

Stats I level up as far as you can: Agility. (Un)fortunately, the tests have finished, and I am back on my own runescape adventure . Planning to change my title, and decided that I might too grab a skillcape for a skill while I'm doing this. After all, I can't cover a permernent membership, so 1 month is all I have. I've set some goals for myself, and hoping to achieve them in that 1 month.

Aims for 1 month. 1. Receive a name change (easy). 2. Receive a skillcape, so I can return back to buy RS gold F2P without feeling that I've wasted $18 of my cash on just a title change. (Easy to buy one) 3, Get a skill in 99 so I can get a skillcape. (Really hard, depending on the skill) 4. Do some arbitrary member things and level up my range. (Medium difficulty) 5. ) Earn lots of cash (Kind-of-easy)