Many people have been drawn to the Daemonheim dungeoneering rewards. However, not all of them can be worth the tokens required OSRS Fire Cape. Some are simply too low quality, others are expensive and take a long time to find. The necklace of arcane pulses are terrible: 5% magic injury? This puts the fire blast's maximum hit at 168. Is that feasible? This isn't useful. I prefer the magical mind bomb or amulet of magic that are easier to acquire.

Arcane blast necklace - 10% magic boost and wizard mind bomb. This necklace increases fire blast to 176. I've found this to be ineffective for pvp. You will lose all 15k tokens you have saved. I, for one, will not be receiving any additional 15k tokens.

Arcane stream is more suitable for members, but inferior Prayer Necklaces Twisted bird necklace: not really any use in pvp, I'm not carrying an entire pile of bones if it holds me back from my next attack. However, I must say it can be helpful when fighting monsters.

Split dragon tooth is exactly the identical, however it requires 60 dungeoneering. It's fine for members, I suppose. Demon horn: You need 90 dungeoneering: by that time, I could have gathered so many prayer potions to last me a lifetime Buy Old School RS Gold. Non-category. Longbow sight: Decent, in fact, very good.