You can't find us because we've been aion classic kinah buying banned from SR quest repetitious actions. .......the rest , who were not banned are simply afraid to do any other thing because they might be banned for a different or similar reason, and others are just plain annoyed with the absence of assistance from NCSHiT.

The monetization process isn't perfect, however it doesn't affect the game significantly in the higher levels. It doesn't matter whether the shop exists , whales will continue to buy gold from sellers. It's especially when it's less expensive to do this. Kinah assists with manastones and enchants on the gear you use in the endgame but there's no need to get them maxed out. If you're a fan of mmorpgs that are tab-based that grind and are interested to play the game with a focus on PVP, the game is worth your time.

This is a great time to start as this patch is containing very little content. However, the following patch will include a PVP instance and an armor quest set for the endgame.

When I'm getting 20,000 EXP for each mob I kill, and I'm killing 20 for an achievement that grants me 1.6 million. To turn it into only 400K of the 2M EXP I gain from the quest actually comes from killing mobs, and I'm losing only half it because I don't have Siel's Aura. 200K/2M (10%) isn't really that noticable. If I do 100 quests I've only lost 20M experience, which isn't even one-quarter of the amount required to go from 49 to 50.

The game is extremely playable through the 30s to early 40s. There's hardly any difference between blue and white gear, until the point at which they become a bit more distinct. You'll not notice the difference between 10 and 10 on an item, because everyone is leveling and gearing as of now.

Another point is that currently all of the dungeons in the game could be completed in less than one hour. That means that if you're (gold) loot is found, you can actually get it, however, longer dungeons that be added in the near future will be able to charge you for the subscription if you desire "the best" gear.

Meeeeh I believe that aion doesn't make a good game for people who are just beginning. It's too boring and players who are familiar with the game are familiar with every mechanic and system. This is why they are very familiar with the game. It's not enjoyable to be complete wrecked since the game is 90 100% pvp.

It was my fault when I said "i don't know anything about the Aion classic". I was speaking of its monetization. Ive played aion back in 2009 and also two years ago on a p server. My question was more how does someone who pays 15 EUR per month suffer a huge disadvantage in cheap aion classic kinah comparison to someone who has to pay more? What is the P2Win cost?